who I am

I am Joanna Wizmur, a 32 year-old graphic designer & photographer from Poland. I build brand identity systems that are consistent, recognizable and simple.

how I do it

A good brand has good value. I am responsible for creating this value and fashioning an identity which is meaningful.

Inspiration is all around me. When I take the key elements of a product and combine them with what inspires and moves me, a vision emerges. I call it moulding. As I give the vision shape I add value, creating a brand. Whether it's a product name, a logo, a website or a brochure - I create a message that will stay in people's minds - a tangible identity. This is not design for design's sake - this has a specific purpose. This is art with an agenda.

simplicity is everything

Simplicity doesn't have to mean basic or plain - I strive for lightness, precision and clarity. An essence absolue which can, ironically, be somewhat complicated to achieve at times. A website may not need to be minimalistic or monochromatic, for example - it all depends on what's best for the product I work on. I take an individual approach with each and every one. The outcome may be very different but one thing is true for the fulfilment of every successful project: simplicity.